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Premier FireEvent & Film Safety Services

Premier Fire was established to offer the highest quality of safety services to events, concerts, extreme sports and the visual arts (TV/Film). With expertly trained and qualified staff, Premier Fire is the only company in Greece that has such a broad range of technical expertise, exclusively covering the safety spectrum tailored to your needs.

what we offer

Why choose
Premier Fire?

With Premier Fire by your side, you can rest assured that you have a qualified team and trustworthy partner who will be responsible for the safety of your production or event at all times, who will also ensure the safety of your staff, contractors, visitors and members of the public.

An important benefit for our customers is that all of Premier Fire’s directors have long standing international experience in fire safety, firefighting, rescue and health and safety.

All the services we offer are covered by a specialist third party liability insurance package that offers the best level of certainty and protection for the company and the customer.

Why change the way we work?

Τhe rate of accidents is on the rise, especially in areas where there is an inherent risk due to the specialisation of certain activities. This could be due to the number of spectators at an event that might require evacuation, the risk of collision at a car race that would require specialist rescue, for an action film where stunt work presents certain risks for the stunt person or the surrounding staff, but also at large events where there are risks associated with fireworks or other effects. The list is long and increases as the complexity of events and productions push the limits.

If your production or event requires working at height, entering confined spaces, by water, or presents a high fire risk, then our team of specialists can help. Premier Fire is here to offer you solutions.

OUR credentials

All of our staff have significant experience on an international level and our emergency response crews are certified for all the services we offer.

Our emergency response crews are selected from a wide network of partners and experts that are trained and certified for all the services we offer. Our staff possess certifications in the following fields, just to name a few: