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Co-Founder & Quality Assurance Manager

Tassos Los

Tassos is Premier Fire’s Quality Assurance Manager.

He is responsible for standardized safety protocols and procedures in the provision of Premier Fire’s services as well as the equipment with the goal of ensuring the safety of the personnel and clients.

He has extensive experience in the shipping industry. He is a certified ship broker since 2010. Since 2018, he has been Commercial Director at LTL TRADING S.A. overseeing the day to day execution of all contractual obligations and the implementation of all regulatory requirements of the maritime industry, concerning safety and the environment. He also handles the sales and purchase of the company’s managed vessels. Tassos works with brokers in the UK, Greece, Japan and China and is responsible for negotiating all of the company contracts.

Tassos also served as Operations manager and Manager of Vessel Sales and Purchases at TRI-MARINE S.A. for 10 years. He has studied Business Administration at Business School Lausanne and Leadership Skills at INSEAD, The Business School for the World.

The protection of the environment and volunteering are his main values and thus he became a member of OEDD Volunteer Fire Rescue team, where since 2007 he has had continuous operational action in the field of Forest Fire Fighting, Urban Fires, Traffic Accidents, etc. and is responsible for equipment maintenance. Tassos holds relevant certifications and qualifications and is, among other things, a certified urban fire instructor from the Belgian CFBT.