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Co-Founder & Sales Manager

Phoevos Bartsiokas

Phoevos is a Sales Manager at Premier Fire.

Since 2012, he has been working as a Marine Insurance Broker and Claims Consultant at Apostolou & Co. Ltd. Insurance Brokers. He has extensive experience and knowledge of insurance contracts, damage compensation and insurance transactions at an international level, with a great knowledge of international law.

He has a B.Sc. in Maritime Studies (Shipping, Logistics & Transport Management) from SBE Marine College as well as a degree from the Merchant Marine Academy of Crete (Masters School) where he had the experience to learn the maritime art first hand.

Completing his studies and military service, he served at sea as a Second Mate, traveling around the world on Greek-flagged ocean-going ships and eventually attaining the rank of Chief Mate.

He then worked as a Marine Broker in an international marine insurance broker company in the London insurance market (Lloyd’s Insurance Brokers).

An important part of his journey is his active participation as a volunteer in OEDD Volunteer Fire Rescue team, where since the year 2000 he has been continuously active in the field of forest firefighting, urban fires, traffic accidents etc. and is trained and Certified in Hazardous Materials Fires (Marine HazMat).