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fake rain creation during filming scene

Sometimes, productions need rain. If the weather is not on your side, rest assured we will be. Because our fire engines carry water and we have specialist hoses and nozzles, we can create artificial rain, solving your problems.

fire consultant technician checking fire security integrity

If your production requires specialist input on fire or other emergencies, we can help your directors, actors or producers achieve the utmost level of realism so that the end result is as convincing as possible for your audience.

premier fire firemen crew in front of filming scene participating in cinematography

If your production requires a fire crew or fire engine as part of the scenario, we can assist. Our team can participate in your production in any of the roles they are qualified in, be that firefighting, extrication, evacuation or technical rescue.

Workers standing in front of movie scene

For all the activities that you might require our supports, we can also undertake the corresponding risk assessment so that any possible hazards can be identified, the risks assessed, and mitigation measures put in place to reduce those risks. Risk assessments are usually required by insurers and generally also required by law in Greece.
We have access to fully trained experts who can offer consultative services in order for any production or event to conform to Greek, EU and international legislation whilst simultaneously ensuring that risks are kept at a tolerable level.

people ready to rescue workers form confined space

Working in confined spaces presents certain risks. In confined spaces there are hazards associated with poor air quality and accumulation of harmful gases, the presence of water and the integral layout of these locations amongst other hazards. These hazards serve to increase the risk to persons working in those spaces. Such risks need to be mitigated. Confined space rescues are particularly difficult and require specialist training and equipment. If you are planning any activities in a confined space, we can help you reduce the risk to your employees or contractors and place a trained crew on standby in case someone gets in trouble.

premier fire rescuer climbing carefully ladder in dangerous filming scene

Our staff can be on scene to help you. They have training and certifications to allow them to perform all types of rope rescue and safety set ups with latest technology equipment. If your event or production involves working at height and you want to guarantee the safety of your employees or contractors, then we can help.

person providing first aid to injured person

Premier Fire has staff trained and certified in delivery of First Aid. The certifications range from basic level (BLS – Basic Life Support and AED – Automated External Defibrillator) up to the more advanced Pre-Hospital Trauma and Life Support (PHTLS). We collaborate with graduates of the Hellenic Ambulance Service College (IEK EKAB).

mountain rescuers ready to take action holding stretcher

If your event or production is in a mountainous region or presents a fall risk, then our rope rescue team can be nearby to offer the safety and peace of mind that you need.

premier fire scuba divers underwater

(Kayaking, cliff diving, rapid water rescue, rescue divers and lifeguards).
If your activity presents a drowning or other water related risk such as kayaking, cliff diving or your production involves filming near rapid water, then our team of specialist divers can be nearby to offer the safety and peace of mind that you need.

premier fire crew rescuing passengers in damaged car

If you are involved in Extreme Sports, activities involving cars, trucks and motorcycles, we have specialist rescue equipment to make sure that we can help when the going gets tough. We have hydraulic recue gear used for the extrication of victims from vehicles following a crash, specialist immobilisation equipment to secure trauma victims, rope rescue teams, confined space specialists, you name we have it. We have a number of specialists in technical rescue that can support your every need.

premier fire firemen crew putting out fire

Premier Fire has fully equipped fire engines similar to those of the Hellenic Fire Service. If you feel that there is a risk of a fire developing from one of your activities and you want the assurance of a trained crew of firefighters to hand, then just ask. Our crews are trained and able to intervene at all kinds of fire incidents ranging from structure fires, outdoor fires, vehicle fires as well as special fires (LPG/LNG/CNG/Petrochemicals etc.).

fire safety and evacuation emergency fire exit sign

If you are organising an event, the safety of staff and visitors is of paramount importance and, indeed, required by law. In the event of a fire alarm activation, or worse, a fire, the evacuation of the building or occupied space will require trained fire safety staff who can step in to manage the evacuation procedure. We can offer support for such events.