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Premier Fire’s vehicles are all fully equipped fire engines, each ready to respond to a specific set of circumstances and incidents ranging from fires to technical rescue.


Mercedes Benz 1124F

This fire appliance carries 1500 liters of water and has the ability to crew between 4-9 people. It is ideal for circumstances where a fully trained and experienced crew is needed for high risk scenarios and incident response. The vehicle has firefighting foam, hydraulic rescue equipment, Breathing Apparatus as well as specialist rescue equipment and various other firefighting equipment.


Nissan Navara

This vehicle is 4X4 and carries 600 liters of water. It has the ability to be used in areas where access is limited for larger vehicles but can be used for all the same response requirements. It is also able to provide technical rescue, line rescue and water rescue services and can be crewed with up to 4 people.          

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